So you’re approaching your 30th birthday – you’ve got your pad, you’ve got a job, and maybe you have a great car and your significant other, maybe not. You’re getting older, and loving it. You have a stronger sense of identity, you feel better about yourself and you can party without guilt! So have a party, call your closest friends and family – your 30th birthday is a big occasion and well worthy of a great party. Your 30th birthday is the time to have a ball but be smart. Make sure you have your fun but ensure that your guests are taken care of and enjoying their time at your party as well. If you are still single, invite lots of members of the opposite sex. Even if a relationship doesn’t eventuate, you might make yourself some new friends. The event should be classy with plenty of wine and cheese or hors d’oeuvres platters. The music can be very flexibly tailored to suit you and your guests. If you’re a party animal and you know your guests will get up and dance, you might opt to hire a juke-box; some people prefer lounge-style music, or anything in between. 30th birthday party ideas

Have a big cake with a huge 30 on it to show you’re proud of where you are at the big 3-0. Do not have anyone pop out of the cake, you are not middle aged yet! If you want to enjoy your 30th birthday party, you might consider enlisting the help of good friends or family members with running proceedings, as there is nothing worse than running in and out of the kitchen at your own birthday party. Having a party with all your family and friends for your 30th birthday is a great way to celebrate a milestone. Although turning 30 signifies that you’ve lived quite a life so far, don’t forget that there’s still so much ahead.